Whatever esports Try hard COD4 LAN Tournament is back!!

  Whatever Esports Presents Tryhard Series - Call of Duty 4   "Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"   Register Here - https://whateveresports.com/tryhard/   Sponsor - Kingsmen Clothing FB - https://www.facebook.com/kingsmenclothingsl/ IG - https://www.instagram.com/kingsmen.apparel/   whatever ... Read More »

18th Feb 2023
PayHere Payment Gateway's Cyber Attack!!

Unfortunately, We have to inform you we are using the PayHere gateway, and there got a cyberattack a few days ago as they mention, Our responsibility is to Inform our customers who are using our payment gateway.   Here is the PayHere email about the Cyber Attack :         As we informed you through the detailed cybersecurity Incident ... Read More »

3rd May 2022
Whatever e-Sports COD4 tournament hosted by RsHosT Plus


After so long we are having a call of duty 4 online tournament.

Registrations are free. It's time to rewind ourselves to the place we all started. Double click on COD 4 and let's have fun.

Registration Link: https://servers.deviitor.com/cod4tou/

Registration ends : 23rd February
#letsplaycod4 #dedgamefun

9th Feb 2021
Now you can pay by one click!

Now no need to take more time to do your payment. Just choose your payment method and click and pay with secure payment methods. Online Cards: VISA/Mastercard/Discover/American Express/Diners Club Mobile Wallet: Genie/Frimi/Ez Cash/mCash/Sampath Pay App Internet banking: Sampath bank/ HNB Bank                          No ... Read More »

19th Jan 2021
PayPal - Manual Method Updated

A new scenario for future invoices!

[Price/178] x 104.4% +0.30USD =Total USD Price

PayPal email : [email protected]

If there is any issue please contact +94702036767

Note : Only for local customers

International customers can use Paypal Automate 

24th Aug 2020
Now we are on WhatsApp officially

We are proud to announce we are now on WhatsApp officially. Now you can contact us via our WhatsApp business account and get support quickly.!

Click below

Click Her  

or +94702036767

RsHosT Plus 


25th Jun 2020
Ping issues about the all the servers

Dear Clients, There is a high ping issue for ADSL and SLT 4G clients on some servers starting with 35/34 IP. This may be a Singapore server supplying company issue or Sri Lanka Telecom issue. This issue usually comes once a six month and automatically fixing after a month. If you are facing this issue badly. Please open a support ticket with the ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2020
Happy New Year!

Happy new year

14th Apr 2020
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30th Mar 2020
About FTP Logins

If you need FTP logins for your private servers please navigate to support tickets and send a support ticket


30th Mar 2020